She Rises

Learn With Anodea

Awakening Feminine Archetypes of Empowerment 

for Activating Leadership in Yourself and Others
Anodea Judith & Melinda Matzell

  • Would you like to reclaim your superpowers as a woman by enhancing your natural gifts and talents?
  • Do you cringe at the word leadership because the established masculine models of power just don’t appeal to you?
  • Have you tried adopting to male styles of leadership and gotten burned out in the process?
  • Would you like to be part of a social movement to help women rise up and bring balance to the world?
If women are to hold up half the sky, we first have to break the glass ceiling.

In the quest for equality, women have made great progress over the last few decades. We now have more women serving in business, politics, education, law, and medicine than ever before. Yet progress lags when it comes to leadership. This bodes poorly, not only for women, but for the world.

The values of achievement, dominance, certainty, and control are largely masculine values. They have shaped our culture and defined leadership in largely masculine terms. In this paradigm women are faced with an unholy choice: adopt male styles of leadership, or be left behind.

Women lead differently than men. Therefore they need different archetypes to guide them.

Without leadership of a feminine nature, women will have little influence over the world’s transformation. Without women’s influence, the male-dominated values that are destroying our planet are unlikely to change.

Welcome to the SHE RISES MOVEMENT!

The SHE RISES MOVEMENT is calling you to reclaim archetypal aspects of your innate feminine leadership. This online training will take you from empowerment to leadership to visionary through exploring 38 archetypes of female wisdom. By learning, embodying, and enacting these archetypes, you will recognize new aspects of yourself and ignite your gifts. 

The point of the training, however, is not just to give you an experience, but to empower you with the tools and training to guide others into awakening these archetypes, and join a community of like-hearted women for support and creativity. It will inspire you to create circles and events in which you can serve, profit, and influence.

Tapping Into the Power of Archetypes

Learn about archetypes and why they’re so important, and discover how women’s archetypes differ from men’s.  Meet 38 archetypes of women’s leadership, and adapt one to be your home base, helping you find your center whenever you get pushed off course.

Meet and Transform the Feminine Shadow

In patriarchal culture, many of women’s natural abilities have been rejected, and therefore relegated to the shadow. Often these traits stem from attempts to find self-determination in systems of hierarchy that put women and minorities in a one-down position of power.

Hidden from awareness, shadow aspects interfere with the healthy expression of power and may be harmful to self and others. Yet the shadow holds enormous reservoirs of energy if it is befriended and transformed.  Here you will identify your shadow, its underlying needs, and explore an archetype to balance it.

Remove the Obstacles to Energetic Freedom

Women’s power is energetic and embodied. In the body, energy flows through subtle currents in the limbs and torso and expresses itself through the energy centers known as chakras. When that flow of energy is free of blockages, you experience your natural radiance and purpose.

Through guided yoga practice and bioenergetic exercises, push through these blocks and transform the demons of fear, guilt, shame, grief, lies, illusion, and attachment.

Enacting Your Power Base Archetype

Saturday night will be a special ceremony where you will get to enact your archetype in a sacred, feminine field and witness and meet the archetypes that play through others. Experience what happens when you become the archetype.

Taking it Out into the World

Feminine leadership isn’t about creating followers, but creating more leaders. It’s about making a contribution, bringing people together, fostering collaboration and co-creation. It uses creativity to navigate difficulties, and works organically with what is available, taking it all one step at a time.

In small groups, you will collaborate on personal and world problems, speaking from the perspective of your chosen archetypes, and receiving the guidance and feedback from others through their archetypes.

Finally, you will learn how to conduct these circles in your own communities, and be part of the She Rises Movement!

About Your Fearless Leaders

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. began working with archetypes in the early 1980s through her training as a psychotherapist and her ordination as a priestess. With a masters in clinical psychology and a doctorate in mind-body health, she has been writing books, leading workshops, and facilitating change for over four decades.

She has a global following with courses that have reached over 160 countries with nearly a dozen works in 28 languages. Her best-selling titles include Wheels of Life, and Eastern Body, Western Mind.  The SHE RISES archetypes cards are her most recent creation, in which she sees the potential of a global movement carried by awakened women everywhere for the transformation of our world.

Visit her website for more courses and information:

Melinda Matzell Grannan is the graphic artist who created the images in the SHE RISES card set. She has decades as a yoga practitioner, and nearly 20 years as an instructor. Melinda is known for her open-hearted teaching style and is the creator of unique experiences involving the chakras. She is the creator of Melinda’s Chakra Journey Game™, and is the author of “From Earth to Enlightenment: Your Chakra Journey Guide to Freedom.”

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